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Another central question

Another central question arises even after we understand that our codes in Torah are statistically rare, and no other text can approach the documented effect. One can ask, "how many unreported, hidden failures does it take prior to finding a successful code?"

First, I will give an anecdotal response.

From our experience, we encounter a great many successes, very few failures, and a large set in-between. The in-between set are mild or potential successes that are not striking enough to report. When we have a chance to re-visit some of these, we often discover new codes. For example, we may see that a previously mild code repeats in a very strong way. This is a hidden success, the very opposite of the idea of hidden failures.

Now I will give a much stronger and more verifiable response, which invites your participation:

  • Study the high-impact, high-relevance topics that we review on this site (see the Evidence as of 2007 portion of this site - link at the top).
  • Determine for yourself whether our list contains a respectable set of "heavy hitters". Of course, our list can not be complete, but we doubt that there are more than a handful of topics that rank higher in importance than "creation of the world" and "creation of humanity"; or a handful of news events in our era with higher impact than the Twin Towers attack; or a handful of topics of wider interest than "Messiah"; or even one topic of higher relevance to codes than "codes".
  • Observe the success rate among the high impact topics that we have investigated.

We also invite you to send us your thoughts on this.