Summary Part 1

The newest Torah codes are the most significant and most profound in 25 years. They are a signature, a promise that "I will be your G-d" and a promise that the ultimate ending is pure goodness.

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Direct proofs of codes - must see.

Unintentional proof of codes - also a must.

Corona Virus Torah Codes - war and escape.

Summary Part 2

The rest of this page gives a brief flavor for codes, with links to more details.

How codes are found (English example, but the Hebrew Torah is actually used):

We look for words ("ELSs", equal-distance letter sequences) in a vertical and sometimes diagonal formation instead of the usual row-by-row reading format. More detail here.

A typical code in the Torah text:

Among other words above, the word for twin(s), diagonally, is very unlikely to be here by chance, due to its long length, and the grid being "fixed" or "frozen" by the first find, bin Laden.

Above - the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The red ELS was the last word found. It is, in the picture itself, the "left wing" of the downward-facing shuttle, and it indeed was "finished" and "consumed" by fire.

All-important idea of repetition, creating/confirming the code series' significance. The Purim villain above, was hanged. Likewise for Sadam Hussein, below.

And likewise for Sadam's half-brother, suggested by the crossing verse Genesis 38:11, and witnessed by the world a few weeks after the code was discovered. This was a rare case where the codes made a striking and correct prediction.

Above, a (very) long phrase, starting with another occurrence of a "bin Laden" ELS. See the two peer-reviewed in-depth studies about this phrase, here and here. Think about the relevance/importance of each word, and a quality of intentionality immediately suggests itself. For example, how many adjectives are more hard-hitting than "cursed"? How many nouns are more hard-hitting than "Messiah"?

Above, this long phrase also references Messiah (descendant of King David, who was the descendant of Jesse). This phrase, with skip 7, when laid out horizontally, actually crosses the bin Laden phrase above, surrounding the middle letter of "Messiah" in the bin Laden phrase.

The above grid was "fixed" by "Hashem my God", only to reveal "was", "is" and "will be". Similar codes with God's Names are found throughout this site, a kind of repeated "signature". Some also show a sense of humor or humility:

This refers to a very famous and interesting analogy - just as a watch implies a watchmaker, so the universe implies a Grand Designer.

Concluding remark: be careful and be very selective about what messages you try to extract from codes. Some folks (not me), took the following code seriously, even after the word "rumor" was uncovered:


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