This site presents the essence of Torah Codes, including the latest advances, summarizing the research from the pioneers of the field.


Update (Sept/Oct 2018): Would you like to find your name in the codes? Instructions are here.


Torah Codes are equally spaced letters forming meaningful words and phrases in the original Hebrew Bible, the Torah. The topic was discussed in the Middle Ages by leading Kabbalists. Its study was formalized in the late 1970's by Professor Eliyahu Rips. Since 1997, it has been my great privilege to learn from him and other leading scientists in the field (biographies here). This site presents the essence of our ongoing investigation. Several of our peer-reviewed papers are presented here.

Our work has also received approbations and encouragement from some of the leading Rabbis of our generation.

This site is directed to the layman and scientist

With the right mix of curiosity and perseverance anyone can reap the reward of a rare and abiding kind of new knowledge - a knowledge introduced thousands of years ago and unlocked only now.

Quick start: see the summary page.

Details: see this page for how the code works, followed by the newest evidence presented here.

Predictions and other abuses:

We avoid abuses that result from incorrect methods which unfortunately make their way into some of the more popular codes books and forums. These abuses result in apocalyptic predictions or backing of particular religious doctrines, and they stem from a serious lack of rigor, defined here. They involve statistically meaningless "codes" that can be found in any text.

In absolute contrast, for the discerning reader:

We focus on simple patterns of encoded words, such as the Names of Hashem (G-d), with significance not remotely approached by one million
searches of comparison texts. The results remain unexplained, despite attempts to discredit the work. These attempts are by and large arguments about work done in the late 1990s and have all been addressed by the steady stream of results since then.


Following are two codes that give a flavor for the topic:

First, for centuries, Rabbis and sages have written about the primordial light from Genesis 1:3, from the Garden of Eden. They indicate that the light was hidden away, but is destined to return. Perhaps we are seeing a few of its rays reflected in this code:


Second, the codes are not limited to ancient events, as we see in the following and in many other exampes:

The codes exhibit statistically very rare patterns not seen in ordinary texts.

Does this begin to affirm the words of the great sage, the Vilna Gaon, of 200 years ago, who stated that everything that ever was, is or will be is contained in the Torah?

Information current as of: September 5, 2018 (see this page for the latest, including a new offer to receive customized codes about bitcoin, Messiah, or any topic of interest).

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