Why participate in the research?

This code says it all:


How to participate:

You can join the effort and benefit/merit as follows:

1: Refer people to

2: Send comments and suggestions to:

3: Donations to help the research advance and be published are especially appreciated (button below). Current research, stopped and started over the past few years, may result in the simplest proof ever, of the reality of the codes. Inspired by Ephraim Roitman's work, we are measuring how often a simple "verse echo" occurs. Example:

There is no simpler form of encoding. It is fascinating that this phenomenon seems to exist side by side with all of the other codes of content that have been unearthed to date. This phenomenon occurs far more often in the Torah than it does in the first comparison text attempted. Hundreds of other Hebrew texts remain to be extracted and compared.

To complete the research, a part-time effort must be sustained for several months. Please consider funding 100 to 200 hours of effort, and your name will (optionally) appear in the acknowledgements.

Thank you so much!

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