A proof of Torah codes built on 6 other proofs

Below are 6 very compelling bin Laden and Twin Tower related results found since 11 September 2001. Each by itself is already extraordinary. As of November 2004, we have measured a new phenomenon: a large excess of the same words or themes newly uncovered, which connect several of these previous finds to each other.

The formal paper describing this, including pictures of the tables, and how the probability of 1:500,000 is derived, is in Microsoft Word format here, or in Adobe Acrobat format here.

A less formal description (part 1) is here. Note that the paper refers to fewer connections than this informal description - mainly because the paper focuses on a subset that is very strictly defined, for probability measurement purposes. The paper makes mere mention of result (6), one of the most interesting.

Part 2 of the description is here, summarizing how the new proof is built on the original 6 proofs.

The probabilities confirm: it is almost impossible to have such strong connections among so many pre-established and strong tables, if there were not an intention behind the codes. Perhaps that intention is to let us know that Someone was aware of the possibility of these events 3300 years ago; and therefore our modern world has meaning, and is not spinning out of control.

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