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The information below provides background (orientation, FAQs and definitions); as well as a link to a static archive of the previous research.

This site presents the essence of Torah Code advances by the top researchers. The level of detail is your choice, and no Hebrew is necessary.

Before we even look at definitions, here is a flavor for the topic. Highlighted below, from the Hebrew Bible (books of Genesis and Exodus), are letters spelling: Twin (blue) - Towers (yellow) - Terror attack (red) - bin Laden (green) - murders (purple) - thousands of people (beige and pink).

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(The English translation is shown in the same color as each corresponding Hebrew coded word).

The claim - centuries old - is that the Hebrew Bible contains coded references to important topics and events throughout history. Where did this claim originate and who are the modern researchers whose work is presented here? Details here.

Definitions for "ELS", "code", "table", "skip", "Torah" and "Talmud" are here.

FAQ's (frequently asked questions) - from the researchers and the public alike are here.

Archive of research through August 2006

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