Preprints of Seven New Scientific Papers
For Presentation in Hong Kong in August 2006
at the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition

The following new papers survey several mutually reinforcing Torah Code experiments of recent years, all of which extend the original groundbreaking work known as WRR by D. Witztum, E. Rips and Y. Rosenberg

Other previous papers cited at the conference:

Long Phrases in Torah Codes
by A. Levitt, R. M. Haralick et al
Objective measurement techniques for long phrases.

Linguistic Connections among Torah Codes
by A. Levitt, R. M. Haralick, E. Rips
Analysis of a strong pattern of repetition among code tables

The 7 new papers included in the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition:

Basic Concepts for Testing the Torah Code Hypothesis
by R. M. Haralick
The mathematical foundations for all of our work.

Testing the Torah Code Hypothesis: The Experimental Protocol
by R. M. Haralick
The protocols common to our Torah Code experiments.

Patterns of Equidistant Letter Sequence Pairs in Genesis
by H. J. Gans, Z. Inbal and N. Bombach
The experiment matching the great rabbis' names and places of birth and death, extending and validating the groundbreaking WRR experiment.

The Hidden Birth Dates of Personalities of Genesis
by D. Witztum
Further validation in the form of birth dates in close proximity to the major personalities of Genesis.

Patterns of Co-linear Equidistant Letter Sequences and Verses
by N. Bombach and H. J. Gans
A new pattern: word pairs from verses, echoed nearby as ELSs. The Torah itself is the source for all key words used in the experiment.

The Twin Towers Cluster in Torah Codes
by E. Rips and A. Levitt
A simple data collection for this famous event, resulting in highly significant clustering.

Component Analysis of Torah Code Phrases
by A. Levitt
Two new methods, added to the original one, for measuring the high significance of a single "bin Laden" ELS.

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