Reconfirming the Messiah signals

Reconfirming the Messiah signals

We now look for additional tables that have as their starting point the same-column signals from Example 2 and Example 3: Messiah, revenge and joy.

There are a few main spelling or grammatical variations possible (for example, Messiah may or may not be encoded with the 1-letter definite-article-prefix; revenge can be spelled with or without the final letter; takes revenge can be spelled with or without the letter VAV). We allow for these variations in all of our searches (both in our Torah search and in our searches for competitors among thousands of monkey texts).

Figures 1 and 2 are the results that Professor Rips found in the Torah. First, Figure 1 contains all three words in an extremely compact cluster, and at the very low skip of 28:

Figure 1

The probability for Figure 1 is 7:1,000,000. That is, when we run the same experiment against 1,000,000 other texts (the monkey texts), we find only 7 competitors to this Torah result.

Professor Rips found precisely the same 3 key words (but without the definite article) appearing in a single column (with revenge and joy sharing one letter):

Figure 2

This result has probability better than 1:100 (not as dramatic due to the large skip of 20591, but certainly noteworthy).

Having both Figure 1 and Figure 2 occur in a single text is on the order of 1 in 1,000,000.

Take-home result

The above 1-in-a-million result is all the more significant because it arose from previous, equally dramatic results: it used signaled words both from Example 2 which itself included a result of 26:1,000,000 and from Example 3 which itself included a result of 1:100,000.

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