An additional Messiah signal

An additional Messiah signal

We start with the most significant, grammatically correct long phrase concerning a famous person which has been found to date [copied from this site's Twin Towers page (from 2007-and-prior), and previously evaluated by 100 reviewers]:

Figure 1

Based on previously published studies, such as this one, we know that we need to search through 1 million or more monkey texts to find anything comparable. That is, the significance of Figure 1 exceeds 1:1,000,000 (1 in a million).

The above code contains a same-column signal word, revenge, related to Messiah (and actually a similar idea also occurs in the plain reading of Tanach itself - Deuteronomy 32:35 has a similar grammatical construct ["vengeance is Mine"], and Isaiah 66:6 shares a root and synonym with the former verse, meaning retribution, again referring to Messianic times).

In a similar way to Example 1, Figure 2 shows that these signaled words (Messiah, and the verb form for revenge) are immediately confirmed via local echoing. Figure 2 is actually a re-display of the bottom half of Figure 1 - the table width has been halved, so that the original ELSs appear "double spaced".

Figure 2

Figure 2 is more significant than 1:100,000, using the axis-based protocol and measuring both "The Messiah" and "takes revenge" to the original Messiah ELS (taking into account the equally interesting grammatical variations that could have been found).

Take-home result:

Just as Example 2 confirmed that the signaled word joy is connected to Messiah, so does the current example confirm that the signaled word revenge is connected to Messiah.


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