A self-echoing sentence

A self-echoing sentence

"Local" echoing provides an immediate confirmation of same-column words. The following example was recently discovered by Professor Rips. The starting point is a long phrase Torah Code which reflects the wording of the prophet Jonah (such a reflection is already a rare event):

The next step is simply to check for the same words repeated ("echoed") nearby:

We see that three of the four words are echoed in the immediate vicinity.

This echoing is as simple as it is rare, and in this case the significance is 1 in at least 10,000 using the usual axis-based protocol (but measuring each echoed word to its original axis word rather than measuring to the entire axis).

[Typically, the significances reported require some downward adjustments but even larger upward adjustments, in order to arrive at a final result (details here).]

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