Our topics

We have just seen high significance - typically multiple results of 1:1000 or much stronger - within each of the topics listed to the left. What we have done is surveyed the most relevant topics that we could think of and we have found overwhelming success. Certainly our list is not exhaustive. But we have no doubt that we will find many more hidden successes within topics that we missed (even, by the way, among lower relevance topics).

Our methods

Within every topic, we use the simplest methods possible:

  • We choose our key words directly from the Torah and related documents, or in the case of Twin Towers, from the headlines of one of the most widely read Hebrew newspapers.
  • We often use outstanding codes merely as foundations - as sources for key words. We find additional codes using these locked-in foundation key words.
  • We heavily emphasize the simplest shapes - straight line (1D or vertical) and rectangular.
  • We use pointers, the basic key words, to limit our subsequent search to a small area of the text, where we find additional encodings.
  • We observe and track a persistent phenomenon of repetition.


We have taken the simplest, and simultaneously the strongest and most grounded paths, within the most relevant topics, in order to determine for ourselves and for the reader that the phenomenon persists in the Torah at this most disciplined level. No other text has ever been found with encodings at this level, not even for one aspect of one single topic.

It is not possible to assign an overall probability to Torah Codes. But it is possible to observe the above success rate, and the increasingly simple and direct methods for finding those successes.