New directions emphasized by the Patriarchs

In previous years, we focused mainly on the interaction of single ELSs. More recently, we are increasingly looking at a similar but more intricate structure: aggregate ELSs - a set of related key words that form a single structure. Following the suggestion of Dr. Rotenberg, this aggregate acts as a pointer to additional encoded information. A new example of this (July 2007) uses the most basic key words, the three Patriarchs whose lives are central to the Torah and to world history: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The best rectangular meeting between these forefathers is shown in the following table:

In Professor Rips' report on the Patriarchs, he makes a number of observations about related words and patterns in the vicinity of this aggregate pointer shown above - including the four matriarchs; Adam and Eve; and other closely related words. Many of these observations happen only once or twice in the entire Torah, so that their forming together around this pointer is highly significant. One striking example is that 7 parallel occurrences of Sarah surround Abraham (two of them, in red, are back-to-back and side-by-side with the blue Abraham ELS):

The event, seven or more occurrences, in such a compact surrounding area, has a theoretical p-level near 1:40,000, as indicated in the report. This level of significance has recently been verified with new cluster-finding software from Rabbi Eliyahu Obadia.