Mountains with hidden but encoded names

Mountains with hidden but encoded names

Again, here is the code that sets the pattern:

(1) Mountain of G-d

The pattern is:

  • A mountain is referred to in a Torah verse, AND:
  • The mountain's name is not stated, but the commentators and/or other Torah verses tell us the name, AND:
  • The mountain's name is encoded, extremely close by in the verse, AND:
  • The skip is extremely small (less than 10!), AND:
  • "[the] mountain", is touching the mountain's encoded name, with the same skip (or with skip 1 in one case).

The following 4 (!) codes repeat the pattern just described:

(2) Mount Seir

(3) Mount Sinai

(4) Mount Moriah A:

(5) Mount Moriah B:

The statistical unlikelihood of this set of codes happening merely by chance exceeds 1 in a million (conservative estimate at this point).

In summary, this simple code series adds tremendous validition to the whole theory of repetition that we have been exploring for years.

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