Evidence as of 2007 - creation of humanity
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In His image

The creation of humanity, another eminently relevant topic, is described in the following two verses.

The result of the code search, which looked for the most compact arrangement with a maximal subset of these key words, is shown in the table below.

The backbone of the table are the words "G-d created", top line, horizontal, and "in His image", the vertical axis. This backbone is the best meeting in Torah between "G-d created" and "in His image". This meeting therefore acts as a pointer for the remaining key words. The related key words in the table (Hashem, formed, Adam, Eve) are in a remarkably compact arrangement with the axis, giving a p-level stronger than 1:1,000.

Note - there are two other verses, Genesis 1:26 and 5:1, which suggest additional key words [the verb "to make" and the phrase "in the likeness of G-d"], but an initial search for these alternatives did not uncover an interesting cluster.

Another pointer, this time collinear, was found using the same words as the pointer above, except Hashem is substituted for G-d. The pointer uses the words Hashem, created, in His image. The pointer itself, with skip only 42, is already significant. In addition, in the area of the pointer, we find the second minimal skip in Torah for G-d, running through one of the two verses from which we originally started, Genesis 2:7.

There are also interesting appearances of Adam, Eve and formed if we arrange this second pointer with a table width of 28. In particular, Eve appears in a double back-to-back formation as we will see in the Patriarchs example with Sarah. This double formation of Eve itself happens twice, in parallel.

The results from the first table, and the reinforcement from these additional finds, indicate that the key words for humanity's creation do not form these clusters merely by chance.