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Torah Codes about Torah Codes

There is nothing more relevant to Torah Codes than Torah Codes.

Following is the simplest such code discovered:

The p-level (like a probability) for this code is 1:1,000 or more significant.

Three related showcase codes, about the language of codes, are collected here.

We do not calculate a p-level for that collection. For current purposes, we merely use it to underscore the legitimacy of the two Hebrew synonyms for Torah Codes, contained within the collection. These two synonyms are used in the following additional codes.

First, we have a pair of codes about codes, both with the extension "true".

The first code establishes the word "true" as a priori for the second one, below. The second code, discovered by Doron Witztum, yields a p-level of 1:2,300 for this repeating extension under the "one-column" (same column) protocol.

Both of the above codes use the first minimal skips of codes and code of G-d respectively. [ Here is an explanation of how we have both oversimplified and understated the overall significance of this example, typical of most of the codes on this site ].

Finally, we have once again the same two synonyms for code, this time both forming the phrase "code of Hashem (G-d)", and remarkably, both with the word signs as same-column extensions. The spelling for "signs" is the same as in Isaiah 41:23, 44:7 and 45:11.

The code on the right, with a remarkably small skip of 9, was discovered by Eric Blum. Given the prior chain of events, appearance of "signs" in this code results in a p-level better than 1:10,000 under the one-column protocol.