Archive of Research Results: August 2006 and prior

Research reported in 2005-2006:

Seven peer-reviewed scientific papers are here (presented in August 2006).

A summary of Twin Towers results (January 2005 but still very applicable) in video/discussion form. This video gives one of the clearest explanations of the difference between the Torah and other texts.

Four previous scientific papers (2003-2004) are here.

More evidence for the codes' reality is here, built on 6 "Twin Towers" results.

Still more evidence is here.

Some comments on the repeated "wins" in the Torah are here .

Today - because of the growing collection of research results - it is much easier to verify these claims for yourself. Around each corner is a new question or doubt, but all can be answered with persistence, an open mind, and checking the facts. A good place to start: the above video, or here:

The crux of the matter .

What is the Point?

My opinion here.

Categories of Interesting Results

Reviewed below are a sampling of additional codes that have been found in the Torah.

Pre-9/11 Top News
Important Themes
Talmud References

How the Categories Further Demonstrate the Phenomenon

Although the 'top news' category tends to be more exciting on the surface, a quality of 'intentionality' is equally demonstrated by all of the categories. Details here.

Addendum - other examples - some Columbia space shuttle codes - are here .