Following are answers to frequently asked Torah code questions (FAQ's).

To what degree can apparently interesting ELS tables be found in other texts? Answer here.

Is our current text of the Torah accurate? If not, what does that imply about finding codes? Answer here.

What can we conclude from Randall Ingermanson's book "Who Wrote the Bible Code?". Answer here.

What are Mickey Mouse codes? Answer here.

Do future predictions and Messianic "proofs" have other flaws besides their use of Mickey Mouse methods? Why yes, as a matter of fact. Details here. (including an interesting picture of the U.S. Presidential elections).

What good are the codes if they can't be used for prediction? Answer here.

Why do many people dismiss or completely miss the miracle? Speculation here.

Do the codes imply something about free will? Answer here.

Should I try this at home? Issues to keep in mind are here.

More details for the extra curious are provided here.

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